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Synergy Porsche Synergy Racing began life as G&W Motorsports in 1996 by founding partners Cole Scrogham and brothers Danny and Steve Marshall. As G&W Motorsports the team won numerous championships and developed a competitive motorsports program. G&W Motorsports won the inaugural Grand-Am GTU Championship in 2000 and through the 2007 season they had entered and competed in every Grand Am sanctioned Rolex race.

In 2004 G&W became Synergy Racing.

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Synergy Racing FacilitySynergy Racing has 20,000 square feet at the Virginia International Raceway Raceplex that is available. This space is perfect for a race team, service provider or motorsports supplier looking for a centrally located east-coast base of operation.

The space can be purchased as one space or leased in smaller segments for race teams or shop spaces.

E-mail Us for more information or to arrange a time to see the space.