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Improve Client/Vendor/Employee Relations! Our partners have leveraged an investment into the exciting world of racing to improve relationships that have been worth their investment many times over. From programs that “feature” special or “on the fence” customer logos on the car to involving key associates in actual jobs on the racing team, a long list of success stories have been the result of our activity in the “new” world of business to business relationships in Motorsports. Often just one deal makes the entire investment worthwhile!

Entertainment Options at the Races! The Rolex series racing environment consists of tracks with modern amenities like corporate box suites, but also places your clientele or top salespeople in country-club settings across the nation. Watching cars like Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Corvette and Mazda compete is action enough, but as the Rolex series seeks to cater to the top 5% demographic across North America you can expect to meet other industry leaders and decision makers in a relaxed and comfortable environment to do business at the races.

Television Coverage Featuring Your Brand! The “old” model of seeing your brand on the television screen has been replaced with more comprehensive models of motorsports marketing mentioned above, but the value of many eyes seeing your brand up front and winning can not be overlooked. You can call your most valued partners ahead and time to remind them to “watch our car this weekend!”

Other Promotional Activities! Your brand can also be seen at special events to drive activity toward your display and create excitement around new products. One-off events like annual meetings, trade shows and special events are another way to get your message out.

“Niche” Marketing at its Best! Sportscar racing with the Rolex series and Porsche already involves a relationship with premium brands, but this program allows you to personalize and focus your message to a key group instead of spending huge sums of money to shotgun blast your message. You will be able to see results that can increase your return on investment with a rifle approach, getting to the decisions makers and key client relationships that really matter.