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GT3 & Synergy Competition Maintenance Service Prices  
Change Engine Oil and Filter $80.00
Change Transmission Fluid $50.00
Bleed ABS Brake System $100.00
Bleed Brake System $80.00
Cylinder Leak Test $150.00
R&R Fuel Filter $50.00
Chassis Inspection and Maintenance
Includes: visual inspection of axles for play or leakage, brake system for rear and leaks, undertrays for damage, shocks for proper mounting and leaks, wheels for cracks or damage, torque correction of suspension and brake fasteners, wheel lugs inspected and lubricated, wheel bearing play inspected and re-torque of central screw, smooth operation of steering system.
Complete Technical Inspection Form
Includes: Performing basic check of vehicle and completing required tech form. Only offered in addition to other services being performed at time of completion.
String Wheel Alignment $200.00
Platen Corner Balance Check $200.00
Platen Alignment, Ride Height and Corner Balance $500.00
R&R Shift Cable $200.00
Adjust Shift Cable $80.00
R&R Drive Axle Set $180.00
R&R Engine and Gearbox $800.00
R&R Clutch Disc, Bearing and Plate $250.00 (Engine Already Removed)
$1,050.00 (Engine Not Already Removed)
Install 4 Ply Windshield Tear Offs $100
Purge Tires with Nitrogen $30/Tire
Fuel Cell Inspection Synergy Competition Car $200.00
Fuel Cell Inspection GT3 Cup Car $300.00
Mount Racing Tires $120/set
R&R Brake Pads Synergy Competition Car $150
R&R Brake Pads GT3 Cup Car $200
Oil Filter $24.84
Fuel filter $59.28
Lucas 20W50 Racing engine oil $6.90/qt
Lucas 75W90 Synthetic Gear Oil (Synchro Only) $3.95/pint
Mobil 1 15W50 Engine Oil $7.90/qt
Mobil 1 75W90 Gear Oil (Synchro or Dog Ring) $5.95/pint
SRF Brake Fluid $80.00/liter
4 Ply Tear Off $250.00
1.5% of the total invoice charge will be added to cover shop supplies and deposal fees.
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